Fast or Feast Date
The Holy Nativity Feast January 7-8
The Circumcision Feast January 14
The Holy Epiphany January 19
Feast of the Wedding of Cana of Galilee January 21
Jonah’s (Nineveh) Fast February 6-8
Jonah’s (Nineveh) Feast February 9
Presentation of the Lord into the Temple February 15
Holy Great Fast Feb 20 – April 7
The Feast of the Cross March 19
Annunciation Feast April 7
Lazarus Saturday April 8
Entry of our Lord into Jerusalem (Hosanna Sunday) April 9
Holy Pascha April 10-12
Covenant Thursday April 13
Good Friday April 14
Glorious Feast of the Resurrection April 16
Thomas’ Sunday April 23
Martyrdom of St. Mark the Evangelist May 8
The Holy Feast of Ascension May 25
Entry of the Lord into Egypt June 1
The Holy Pentecost Feast June 4
The Apostles’ Fast June 5 – July 11
The Apostles’ Feast (Martyrdom of St. Peter & St. Paul) July 12
St. Mary’s Fast August 7 – 21
Transfiguration Feast August 19
Assumption of St. Mary’s Body August 22
The Nayrouz Feast (Coptic New Year) September 11
The Feast of the Cross (Three days) September 27 – 29
The Holy Nativity Fast November 25 – January 6